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"Welcome" My name is Mary Brincken... I am a jewelry designer and have been creating handmade bracelets and gemstone jewelry 6 years ago. It was my vision to create a Chakra bracelet that would help parents such as myself to feel more centered and happy.  As I began putting the different stones together I was able to design them into several different types of casual bracelets for wearing daily, and they seemed to accentuate my own inventive ideas! I was looking for a way to supplement the family income, help my son, and also donate to my favorite charities. 

This was my chance to help create autism acceptance by generating more of an understanding. And so began my venture! I wanted to invent a way that I could embrace my new job as a 'special needs' parent and also develop my know-how. 

With the flood of information at my feet I put my interest and needs together in a progressive way to somehow pay-it-forward. 

Combining my love of Chakra healing techniques and my desire to express myself artistically I found my niche!

The word "Chakra" comes from the Sanskrit word meaning, Wheel; or 'a spinning vortex of energies'. There are seven (7) Chakra energy centers in all, and when they are fully opened enables one to feel a 'complete sense of well being'. 

~ Each of the seven centers are connected directly to seven areas within the body denoted by color and gemstone.  

All my designs are arranged as such.

As I researched the affects of these gemstones it was enlightening for me through Chakra healing exercises. My research also showed me a way that I could help others to understanding their inner spirit.  Each day I slip on these bracelets

and truly feel more grounded and I am more alert and have a better outlook on life ~ Truly we are all IN SERVICE to our fellow man!  I believe the Chakra platform is a healthy and beneficial way to deliver my jewelry designs to you and also help families who are in need of these special therapies for their children. When you purchase one of these bracelets you can feel good knowing that 10% of the profits is allocated to three 

(3) different Autism Charities who offers grants to families in need of treatments for their kids!  

You can check out these Autism assistance programs here.

As pro-active parents, my husband and I are steadily utilizing holistic; dietary and therapeutic regimens for our son. Integrative therapies are not covered by insurance and some can be expensive. I have linked several sites in the Therapies portion of the menu that will reference doctors, treatments, organizations and the results regarding the different types of Autism therapies available. I do hope you will take a moment to sign my Guest Book as I would certainly love to hear from you!

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver a high quality product for your discretion.  When you click on SHOP at the top of this page I hope you will find your Chakra bracelet that you will love to wear; or give as a gift, to show your support for Autism awareness...Thank you!


My commitment to you is ultimately YOUR satisfaction and to leave you with that hard to find inner peace!


Good products can be hard to find right?  Well you have just found beautiful jewelry with a heart that will always leave you smiling.

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