Chakra Gemstones

Root Chakra ~ Garnet, Ruby, Red jasper
Splenic Chakra (belly) ~ Carnelian, Fire Opal, Amber
Solar Plexis Chakra ~ Citrine, Topaz, Tiger eye
Heart Chakra ~ Jade, Azurite, Aventurine
Throat Chakra ~ Turquoise, Sodalite, Indigo Sapphire
Third Eye Chakra  ~ Amethyst, Fluorite
Crown ~ Rose/Clear Quartz, Diamond 


As you can see the colors/stones correspond with the points in the body; not unlike a totem. There are several gemstones that may be utilized to clear each energy center. Which ones used are of personal choice but, the gemstones are best when designed together in a Chakra bracelets or jewelry worn that is touching the body!