Integrative Therapies

I have compiled a list of several sites that have personally been very helpful information regarding Autism. 
These websites are very supportive and show
studies with results for the bewildered parent!  Autism awareness is important to develop perspective when searching for bio-medical therapies.  It is my prayer these sites will help to assist you in discerning the many treatments available for Autism.  Check out the list of nine (9) below.  

1.  Autism Today - Clinician list
 List of DAN Doctors - MDTA
Home / Autism Speaks
American Speech-Language & Hearing
C.A.R.D. (Ctr for Autism and Related Disorders)
Sensory Processing Disorder
Brain Balance Achievement Centers
 Clinicians ~ Integrated Listening
Choosing a Bio-Medical Therapy/Blog
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Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are intricate and no two children are alike, so with that in mind remember YOU are your child's truest and finest advocate and on that you can most certainly rely!

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